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SmartTransport™ is a real-time location data of containers is provided using Nano Location Technology (NLT). It also gives status of container handling cranes/equipment and provides accurate real time data to TOS for planning and decision making. The solution helps in reducing overall TAT of trailers, increases operational efficiency and creates additional container storage and handling capacity of ports.


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The Challenge

The Major challenge of this product is clarity of the container movement from the port to yard. Before this product there is no way to track containers while on the move on real-time. Port and yards doesn’t have any ETA of the container & Because of this Yards are facing lots of issues for the advance planning of the incoming traffic.

The Solution

It starts with the source, weather yard, port, importer/exporter or any other body who want to get the container transported from location A to location B. They get the set of containers that need to be moved and choose a transporter to carry out that Job. Once the job is created, The drive will be notified and they can start using the mobile app to start the process. Once they receive the notification from their the transporter, app will navigate themto the location of container pick up. Once they reach the pickup location, they automatically receive the list of containers they need to pick from there, afterwards the application navigate to the destination location. The destination location is also notified with the ETA. Once reaching the destination and dropping the container, Driver automatically receives a list of containers (if any) that need to be picked up from there. That way the application removes the option of empty trailer movement.

User Flow

1. Onboarding Process

The onboarding process of SmartTransport™ Driver app is very simple & easy. There is no direct signup process for the driver as such. First Transporter needs add the driver in the Driver management portal. Once this is done, Driver needs to fill their user name and phone number at the first step. Afterwards to verify the user, Driver needs to enter the Transporter ID. Post that the ID will very the user and one OTP will generate & send it to his register phone number. Once you verify via OTP, Thats it! You can access the whole app and its features.

2. Job Details

Like the name itself, This process contain the job details which is created by the Transporter for certain containers to assign the drivers. One driver can have multiple jobs so that they can finish the jobs one after another at the same day. To simplify the process once driver is land to screen after onboarding, he can see the latest jobs by default which can be filter by other modes like nearest and oldest jobs. In the job cards driver can see all the details related to a particular job which are pick up & drop location, distance, duration/ETA, date&time and how many containers with job type. These details will help the user the clarity of a specific job which is assign by the transporter.

This screens has different features as well, like Driver can directly search the container number and start the job directly. Some other driver can take over a particular job. Every user have their own profile section.

3. Job Tracking

This process is the most important and interesting part of the app. Once the driver choose any job, he can see the screen which contain the same details of the job with a map view. Then he has to start the trip in order to pick up the container.Once the driver reach to pick up location, The “Ready for Pickup” button will automatically enable to select the container. Afterwards user can move towards to the drop location to drop the container as per the job. For more help to user, the app has embaded google map direction which will help the user to stay one track.

Once he reach to the drop location, The “End Your Trip” button will automatically enable. So that driver can end the current trip and start a new one by rediretcing to the Dashboard/Job screen. To give more flexibility to the user, while on the trip he can transfer the current Job to another driver by selecting the “Transfer the job” option.

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